Monday, November 9, 2020

A week on the island; part two of two

We are nearing the end of my slideshow of walks I took during my two week vacation in the beginning of October. One week in sisters house, one week in my house. 

Here are the last pictures of those weeks I have to show you, all taken during my week on my own beautiful island Vlieland.

"Live by the rythm of the sea."

By now it's already been three weeks ago since my vacation and I'm back at work again almost like it never happened. I sometimes want to hold on to my vacations so bad, but time moves on despite ourselves. 

Luckily this place is my home and I can go on walks here regularly, but...ah....that feeling of your time being fully your own, I do so love that. And I'm always 'time greedy'. If that's not an expression, it should be. ;-)

Hope you are grabbing as much time of your own as you possibly can and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.