Friday, December 15, 2017

Decorating the Journal

I love journaling. For me the journal is a combination of writing and imagery. The imagery can be from daily life, photographs, stickers, ephemera and drawing. I do enjoy decorating the journal, but because I write so much not every spread gets a pretty layout to write in, I simply cannot keep up with my own writing, haha, so often I will just quickly stick a sticker or an image on there and move on.

Still every now and then I like to sit down for a little while and just prep some pages for future writing. I thought I would show you some samples of that from a decorating session I had a few days ago. I kept the same colour scheme for all four spreads and it was a lot of fun to do.

The colours (red, blue and yellow) were based on the washi tape that is on the right of the first spread. I like the simplicity of these layouts and they give me lots of room to write donw my thoughts, since I have many many thoughts.

In time I will show how these spreads look when they are written on. The writing will make the pages less pristine, but more alive and I like my journals to look as if they are being lived in instead of overly clean. I think of all the books an sketchbooks I keep the journals will always be most dear to me. They are the closest reflection of who I am and how I live my life.

I hope you are keeping some record of your life that is dear to you, in whatever form you choose and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. Now that is a good idea. I began using a journal more regularly in February, and started to realize that while I like the idea of creating an art journal, for daily use I write a LOT. So I need to start figuring out how to create journals that allow for all those words. I like how you created these in advance and prepared them for being filled in. This might be something I can try - thank you for constant inspiration and motivation!!

    1. I don't really consider my journal an art journal, so if I have a lot of writing but no prepped pages, I just write and maybe add a sticker or something. Anything goes in my journals, but I do like to decorate them from time to time to make them look more fun. But whatever comes next just goes on the next available page. :-)

  2. That's indeed a good idea to prepare the pages first ,very inspiring!

  3. What kind of notebooks are you using nowadays for your journaling?


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