Monday, December 4, 2017

Another step by step watercolour mosaic

I love how my current morning art project gives me the opportunity to show the process of a painting. I paint half an hour every morning and these watercolour mosaics are pretty slow going.

Here's another watercolour mosaic in half hour increments:

Differences in colours are due to the different lighting circumstances when I paint. On workdays I paint with artificial light and on other days usually with daylight, although as the colder season progresses the days get shorter and shorter.

Hope you liked this peek into  my process and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. It looks great. What are you using to put down the watercolors?

    1. Um...a brush? Hahaha, I'm not sure what else I'd use. Anyway, it's a really old round no. 4 filament watercolour brush that I do almost all my watercolour and gouache with. Over the years the outer lacquer has come off completely, but the brush itself is still fabulous and somehow has really become an extension of my hand, so I keep using it. I have a new version of the exact same brush, but it's just not the same. ;-)


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