Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ferry Variations

Since I live on an island I travel quite a lot. Anything that I need to do outside of town pretty much involves going to the main land by ferry and often more travel by train or bus. It's one of the drawbacks of living in a beautiful and somewhat remote place: everything you do takes a ridiculous amount of time and travel.

Fortunately I don't mind it all that much and it comes with its own perks too. You get a lot of time for reading and ... arting! When I take the ferry I usually bring a sketchbook of some sort to pass the time. One of those little books is a moleskine cahier with squared (grid) paper and you know what that means: lots of pattterns and grid drawings.

Here are some pages from this book I did recently.

Now to be fair, I may call these ferry variations, but they were often also done just waiting for trains or in coffee shops or other places on the go. But I still consider it a ferry sketchbook mostly since I only use it away from home.

All drawings were coloured with felt tip pens. The paper in the cahier is not so great, so I only use one side of it, that way any bleed through is not in the way of another drawing.

It's nice to take my love of grids with me on the road, or the water as is mostly the case. ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. I don't travel very much [unless it's to the local Walmart. lol] but regardless, I always have to have things with me to do ... you know, for just in case! Often times I don't have to sit and wait and so don't get to work on anything but the times that I do, I'm sure glad that I have it with me.

    Your grids always look so nice, Carin. I tried doing one a few weeks ago and ... eeh, it didn't seem to turn out so good. For some reason, I have a horrible sense of colors as for what to put next to what [colors, I mean.] Either way, it sure doesn't come out looking anything as nice as yours do. I tend to do better with doing zentangling as when I do that it's all in black and no way for me to screw that up. LOL

    1. How wonderful you gave these a try! I have found many colours go together as long as you don't use too many and repeat them evenly over the page. I usually choose about 4 to 7 colours and alternate between them in a rythmic pattern. If you have trouble finding colours that fit well together you might like to check out books or sites about colour palettes. For instance I have books about web design or interior design that just have page after page of different colour combinations in them. I use them sometimes for inspiration when I get bored with my own choices.

  2. Your grids are colorful and creative. I am going to get the journal and give this a try. I think I will try colored pencils and see how that goes. Thanks for sharing all the colored grids with us.
    Barb J

  3. Een heel mooi tijdverdrijf , zo besef je maar wat je kan doen "onderweg" zijnde , ik vind het geweldig!

    1. Altijd het nuttige met het aangename combineren, haha.

  4. I love your grids. You could even call them "ferry-ations". :)


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