Monday, January 9, 2017

The last of the Morning Book

I didn't plan for it, but somehow I managed to finish my Morning Book on exactly the last day of the year 2016. When I started the book in February I had the overambitious idea that I would be filling several of them, but as time passed I chose to do so many intricate pages that took more than one sitting that it was very slow going. I don't mind really, I like how the book turned out and if it did anything for me it is to confirm my absolute addiction to patterns .

Here are the last eight pages of the Morning Book:


You can see that in the final stage of the book I became a little dash crazy. ;-)

All in all I worked on this book for 270 morning sessions of half an hour. I started in February and took a break for the whole month of July. Also I didn't do it on vacations or when I was away from home and even every now and then I even skipped when I just didn't feel like it. Still, I think 270 mornings within ten months isn't so bad.

Filling this book was a very satisfying endeavour and also a great training in patience. I am almost sorry the book is finished. Almost. I already decided beforehand that I would continue doing my morning art practice, so even though I have closed this book another one is already begun. But I will tell you all about that in another post when I have a bit more to show about that.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. Absolutely delicious!! Dash away - I love them!

  2. Yummy everything. Have you given any thought to sitting down with all your journals and see your accomplishments? Hot coffee or tee and relaxing viewing all your beautiful art work. Just a thought.
    Have a memory filled happy and healthy New Year.

    1. Actually I do this from time to time, but mostly by looking at my instagram feed or blog. One of the reasons I keep up with these things is so I can see my own productivity a little (before I always felt I did way too little). Putting my artsy stuff online makes it somehow visible to myself, if that makes any sense.
      I wish you a wonderful new year too Barb, make it a good one!

  3. Deze pagina's zijn heel mooi dus het hele ochtendboek zal ongetwijfeld een juweeltje zijn .


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