Saturday, October 29, 2016

From the Morning Book

I am at a place now in my morning art practice where I am with my regular journaling. It's become such a habit that it's okay to skip it every now and then, because I know I will pick it up the next day. This may sound a bit paradoxal, but I really believe a true habit is formed when you no longer feel like you will drop it altogether if you don't do it for a day or so. It's for me a sign that it's ingrained in my system.

Here are six more pages of the Morning Boook that I finished not so long ago.

Pretty much all of these were done in Tombow Dual Brush Pens (markers). The first two were washed afterwards which gives the watercolour effect and on the one with the flowers I added a lot of coloured pencil work on top to give everything more depth. I love doing coloured pencils on a base of ink, it brings everything to life.

Some of these were done in half an hour, but some took up to six or seven sittings. The Morning Book is slow going because of this, but it's also very gratifying to work on. I can really take my time with this book.

Hope all is well wherever you are and that you will have a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. I love hearing about your morning book routine, how you can skip days and how varied the pages are in terms of how long it takes you to do them. I like that you show up to the page but don't make yourself follow too many rules once you do that and that you do your 30 minutes and go on with your day. Talk about a does of vitamin A(rt) to start the day!

    1. It really is a rather unique way of having discipline and letting go at the same time. ;-)

  2. Dat moet voldoening geven te weten dat het nu gewoon 'in je systeem' zit , echt geweldig .

    1. Het maakt het wel een stuk eenvoudiger in mijn hoofd. :-)

  3. You accomplish very beautiful artistic work. I enjoy seeing these pages. Thanks for sharing.


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