Saturday, December 1, 2018

Watercolour Mosaics

Mostly I express my pattern addiction through felt tip pens and markers, because they are just so convenient. Especially if, like me, you like to do your art with your feet up on the couch while listening to podcasts. ;-)

But I do love other media as well, so every now and then (not nearly enough to my liking) I do some patterning in paint or pencil or whatever takes my fancy at that moment.

Here are three watercolour mosaics that I did not too long ago:

All these were done in my A4 sized Seawhite of Brighton watercolour sketchbook. That is the same book I filled halfway with morning art when I was still doing watercolour mosaics every morning.  It's a beautiful book with beautiful paper, so one day I hope to have it completely filled up with painting like these.
The watercolour is the Rembrandt brand by Royal Talens, in case you wanted to know. :-)

There is a quality to doing patterns in watercolour that is different from using pens and markers. It's softer and a bit more alive if you will, because the colours are transparent and less solid. I really like the effect of different media on my pattern fascination, so I'll keep experimenting and trying out new things. It keeps things interesting.

Hope you are doing something interesting in your neck of the woods and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.