Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It's my birthday and you know what that means! (Giveaway Time!)

Yes, today is my birthday. I am turning 48 and slowly but way too fast moving towards 50! Just two more years to go before the big five o. There's no way around it: I am a middle aged woman. ;-)

On my blog I have been keeping a bit of a personal tradition ever since I started and that is to do a giveaway on my birthday. This year is no different, so pay attention blogsy people, and you might win something!

My gift this year is a book by one of my favorite art book authors Sarah Simblet. She is an artist and professor and has made some absolutely gorgeous books on subjects like botany and anatomy. I thought however for this giveaway I would pick a book that is a bit more general in nature, namely this one:

This book has two versions, the American version is called Sketchbook for the Artist, which is the version I personally have and the British version is called The Drawing Book. Now this latter title is way more appropriate as this is a book about drawing in all its forms and possibilities. It is like a treasure trove of the things you can do by means of drawing.

It handles all kinds of subjects you can draw from animals to plants to people and builldings, but also abstracts and drawing from the imagination. It also deals with drawing materials and drawing techniques and  handles subjects like perspective and shading. It gives many beautiful examples of the work of famous artists and also of Simblet's own prolific work.

Still, I would not call this book a drawing course or a drawing book for beginners to learn how to draw. I would simply call it a treasure chest of possibilities and inspiration. I myself am absolutely in love with it and have been for years.

Here are some spreads from the inside:

Now this isn't a brand new publication. I believe it originally stems from 2005. But since it's such a timeless book I don't think that really matters and you will of course get a brand new book, not my old and used one.

Depending on where you come from, I will order the book from Amazon or Bookdepository or Bol and have it sent to you.  That is cheaper than me buying it here and sending it to you through the mail myself.

Unfortunately for the Dutchies among you the Dutch translation is no longer in print, but I would be willling to check if I can get it second hand if you are so inclined, depending a little on the price of course.

So here's the rules and they are very simple:
  • If you are interested in winning this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment.
  • I will pick a winner on April 18th, that's a week from today. 
  • The winner will have another week to get in touch with me with their snail mail address and other info through my e-mail or the contact window in the sidebar. 
  • If the winner does not contact me before the 25th of  April I will pick another winner.
  • I won't jump through hoops to contact you. 
I hope somebody will be very happy with this giveaway and I wish you all good luck in participating. Hope you win!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. well I feel kinda guilty leaving a comment for a chance to win a prize. I read every one of your posts, but sadly I only comment on a very few. I should thank you for something, though. I go through your list of blogs YOU follow and I have found several artists that I now also follow. I would not have been able to find those artists without you. If I win this lovely book, I will give it to my very artistic granddaughter. She writes, draws and has her own (at age 19) dance studio. She would love the book you are giving away.
    But thank you, Carin, for this nice gift you will be gifting to someone. :o)

    1. Thanks for your kind words Siobhan. That seems like a good destination for this book.

  2. Looks great!! So motivating!!! Well i can't wait to start sketching. And with your book... It would be of great help!! :3
    Ps- never owned a sketch book.

    - ishi

    1. Keep your fingers crossed and you really should get a sketchbook, it's a lot of fun whether you win this book or not.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope this year is your best yet.

  4. happy birthday! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this generous give-away. Hope your day is full of all the goodness your heart desires!

  5. Nee joh, ik hoef geen boek! ik geniet al elke dag van je ART op FB!

    1. Haha, nou dan krijg je gewoon geen lot in mijn loterij. ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday! 48 times over - You're still a youngster. Thanks for all the wonderful vacations and walks that you share. I enjoy every one of them.

  7. Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met jouw verjaardag! Zelf ben ik recent 47 geworden en heb hetzelfde gevoel: het gaat snel richting de 50 nu. Maar ja, het is maar een getal. Mooi boek hoor, daar zou ik wel iets van kunnen leren zo te zien. Cindy

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