Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tiny Mandalas

Tiny mandalas must be the most convenient art form. They are simple, they don't require a lot of materials, they can be done relatively easy and they are...well...tiny! That means they always fit, both timewise and sizewise.

Lately that is even more true, because my cat Spooky has decided to become a bit of a lap cat and especially likes doing that when I am drawing on the couch with my feet up. So when a big cat is already taking up most of your lap space it's nice to have a small hardbound sketchbook you can just hold up easily to work in.

Here are some recent mandalas, some done with the help of a cat and some done without:

All these were drawn with a Sakura Micron pen (size 05) and coloured in with Stabilo 68 felttip pens. The mandalas measure about 7 cm across (3 inches tops) and they are very fun to do and a good way to add some colour at the end of a busy day.

Hope you are adding some colour to your life and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. Very Nice! Which of your favorite books did the Spooky choose so He could continue to be a Lap Cat? Is it a small Moleskeine? Looks like fun. Of course, I just have Lap Dog!

    1. This is a small Canson 180 artbook. And lap dogs will work too! ;-)

  2. Zo leuk te horen dat Spooky nu een "schootkat" is geworden en dat je daar kan van genieten samen met creativiteit is toch geweldig.

    1. Nou, het is niet altijd praktisch, maar wel gezellig. ;-)


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