Monday, October 20, 2014

The Amsterdam Virus

Well, this isn't an actual post. This is a little sign of life just to let you know that I'm still here.

I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam and will tell you all about it later, because unfortunately I also seem to have picked up a little virus there and became sick a few days after I returned.

It's a severe head cold mixed with bronchitis, which pretty much means I'm coughing like crazy, can hardly breathe when I lie down and you can just forget about any real sleep. It's slowly getting a little better, but I'm still more of a coughing zombie than a person, so I won't be posting this week either.

All in all I'm feeling real sorry for myself, but at least someone is pretty pleased that I'm at home all day these days.

Look at that content face, I don't know if I should cuddle or smack him! ;-)

Anyway, I'm hoping to feel better soon so I can tell you all about my Amsterdam trip and share my pics. Until then I'm wishing you a wonderful artsy and above all healthy time!