Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sky on fire!

About a week ago I was quietly reading a book on my couch when the light in the room started to change from everyday colors to reds and oranges. It was like somebody put on some mood lights or something and the entire atmosphere changed. It was kinda weird actually, in a good way. Since I have no mood lights and live alone the light could only come from outside. So I went and took a look out of my front door and this is what I saw:

It was absolutely breathtaking and the photo doesn't even do it justice. The sky was on fire! It was the result of the sunset reflecting on the clouds of course, but I've never quite seen effect like this. It was special enough to coax other people out of their houses too and shoot pictures of it. 

Somewhere along the week I was playing in my heart journal and just felt like I had to put that scene on paper by painting it. So I took out the above photograph and my watercolor paints and started brushing on reds and oranges and yellows. (Reds and oranges and yellows, oh my ;-) )

Nature does it better than me of course, but I think I captured the atmosphere I was going for just the same.
Sometimes everyday life suprises you with something so special. I just love that!