Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some works on paper

Well, I've been having lots of fun with these two works on paper that I made. I just love love love this new style I'm adopting and I have already always loved layers and mixed media, so this is perfect playtime for me.
Both are A4 sized and made on beautiful Fabriano paper.

The first one is called "Artsy love" and was made for a friend with whom I keep a very irregular mail art exchange. By now she has received it, so I can put it up without ruining the surprise ;-)

The second one is called "Three of hearts" and was made starting with the remnants of the paper I used for the journal spread I showed you in my last post. Nothing gets wasted in my studio, haha.

For some reason I am very into these heart shapes nowadays. They seem to return on all the works in this style, but I am also considering maybe using different forms in the future. I want to keep the focal forms themselves simple, but the background and layering complex. I am not a minimalist!