Saturday, May 29, 2010

One cannot have an artsy blog without art

Ain't that the truth. How sad it would be to link people to my blog without anything to show them. So for my first artsy contribution I thought I'd show you my latest adventure in art journaling. Art journaling is a great love of mine (bigger than Hugh Jackman and chocolate) and I have been doing it for year now. I also keep written journals as writing is a first necessity in my life to keep sane.

This project is my first signature journal. So far I had only been working in ready made blank books and albums or just on loose index cards. But this is the first time I have actually made a little booklet from scratch. The signature is 16 pages thick and I keep it in a manila envelope that I still want to decorate. I made this journal in the course of seven days. I wanted to do it in four (I had this long weekend and it was sort of a personal challenge), but as is always the case with me I totally overestimated my abilities! Oh well, I finished it and that's the most important thing, right? (Right)

So here are the spreads. The first spread is actually the cover, so it gets folded when the book is closed into the front and the back.

The first 'real' spread is about finding a place where your belong. I added magazine pictures that spoke to me as a place to call home.

This spread is about longing (sehnsucht is beautiful german word for this that cannot really be translated well). I have this quote of Alice Walker in my office that goes "Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise" I believe this spread sort of speaks of that.

The next spread is about my love for London and how it intervenes with my wish to visit Rome one day. I was going to go to Rome this year, but i would have meant not going to London, so I decided against is. That's how much I love the British capital.

The next spread is what it says, a long letter to my muse ;-)

The following spread is my personal favorite. I love the way the bird stands out against the yellow moon.

Ah yes, love, been living without it for a long time. It's a good thing I'm such a loner, but sometimes.....

The final spread is about doing what feels right and to just keep making art no matter what.

And with that it's a wrap on my first signature journal. I am currently working on a second one and will show that as soon as I can.